Turkey time!

Amir had booked us tickets a few months back for a holiday to Turkey. I’ve mentioned before I haven’t ever travelled to other countries very much before and was so excited to be able to do so now, even more so to be able to do it with my husband. I especially enjoyed our honeymoon to Egypt but at the same time we were on a tight schedule to fit everything in.

This time we intend to relax a lot more, enjoy some quality (and much needed) time together and have some fun. Before any of that though I needed to prepare and plan for the week I wasn’t in school! I spent most of Thursday afternoon preparing plans and resources for my supply teacher….


Once I had checked and re-checked it all yesterday with my teaching assistant I was ready to pack! I’ve pretty much included everything save my toothbrush (which I still need) and I seem to have packed a lot lighter than for my week in Egypt.


I have included some pretty maxi dresses and summery sandals to complete my carefully selected ad matched outfits (I know but matching is a must!) I also brought a new sun hat and some sunglasses to add to my stylish looks 😉 it’s been a raining too long around here and this chick needs some fun in the sun.


I now have tomorrow to relax and then we are off! I can’t wait, am suuuuuuper excited! Hopefully my next post will be all about our awesome time in Turkey with plenty of pics to share! See you soon! X


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