I’m back! Let the Turkey Tales begin! Day 1

I finally arrived back in the UK late Monday night and have returned tanned and relaxed! It was lots of fun, sun, sea and sand and nature at its most beautiful.

On the day we arrived at Dalaman airport we were pretty tired having travelled most of the day. It took us a further hour and a half to reach our hotel in Oludinez making it about midnight by the time we finally arrived. We crashed out exhausted and I took no notice of anything around me. That is until I woke up and looked out of the window to this!



gorgeous mountains in the background! Our hotel

We decided to explore the first day and see what was around. Amir had already been a few years back so luckily was able to remember places and trips we could go to which was handy to know. We walked down ‘the strip’ a road full of restaurants and shops catered specifically for tourists where it ended on a beautiful beach. On the way down the strip we were stopped and talked to dozens of times from the very friendly locals who worked there. Although its nice to see such friendliness I found at times it was a little too much when we just wanted to be left alone. Still can’t complain about over friendliness which is more than we can say for us stiff upper lipped Brits!





Amir found a giant pineapple! 😉


stunning blue sea


one of the beach activities included paragliding! We saw so many of these floating in the sky every day

We ate an unhealthy lunch and walked around some more..







Once the sun started going down we made our way back to our hotel to relax and freshen up before taking an evening walk on the strip which came alive at night. Each night restaurants invited you in, bars has cheesy holiday music and dances going on and shops were open selling beautiful handmade trinkets and gifts.



The funniest thing about some shops were the blatant ripoff of UK based store names! Although to be fair they did also advertise just how fake they were as well…



I didn’t take pics of more but the names of shops which made me laugh included:
Azda (Turkish version of Asda)
Del Boy’s travel agency
Harrrods (which looked like a pound store!)
Cut the crap (hairdressers)

Some of the locals had also mastered some of the British lingo to grab tourists attention and get them to buy things. I heard lots of ‘lubbly jubblies’ and ‘ere mate’ amongst some of the crazy phrases we laughed at.

The first day was nice as we got to look around and get our bearings. I was amazed at the beauty of the scenery we had and couldn’t wait to get stuck in to see what else we might discover…. X

3 thoughts on “I’m back! Let the Turkey Tales begin! Day 1

  1. Hello dear, I visited Oludeniz last year. I could not find real Halal food anywhere as all restaurants were also selling pork. How did you get by? Did you find any real halal eateries?


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