Turkey tales: Day 2

On day two of our time in turkey, we decided to take a trip to the nearest town to us called Fethiye. Although there are places along the way this is one of the main towns for shopping and relaxing. We took a bus (which is more of a van) from practically 2 minutes away from our hotel. The only weird thing was the driver honked at almost every tourist along the way should they want picking up which meant that the journey was slower than I anticipated it would be.

We arrived at Fethiye and walked around trying to get an idea of where we could start (basically Amir trying to remember the last time he had been resulting in blindlessly wandering around..). Amir insisted there was a Mcdonald’s around and we walked around a long while trying to find it and juuuuuust when I was turning into a hungry stroppy teenager dragging my feet, we turned the corner and Ta dah! There it was like a mirage….only it was real! We got in as fast as our hungry bodies could carry us and ordered two McChicken burger meals (this was especially exciting for us as in the UK these are not halal, all meat in Turkey is halal which meant we could have it). It was yummy!


We finished off our meal with Mcflurries which tasted perfect on such a hot sunny day..


After our bellies had been filled we walked around. Nearby was a marina full of lots and lots of boats. Some of these were boat taxis and although we considers the idea it would spend ages waiting for the boat to fill up before leaving so we left it..




After a few poses πŸ˜‰ we walked to the park area opposite which had some lovely features including a water fountain, beautifully cut hedges in the shapes of sea animals beside a boat and a statue of someone (forgotten who).








I then decided we should go shopping after all, Fethiye was the place for it! So we walked around and found the open market where there were lots and lots of open front shops. We bought a few gifts for family including jars of honey and a variety of nuts (which is actually quite nice), turkey t shirts for my nephews, some pretty gifts for my sisters (cant say yet as they might be reading!) and some handmade ceramic bowls for my mum.

It was nice seeing some shops that looked so colourful with pretty things hanging all around.


colourful ceramic shop, sooo pretty

I also ended up buying myself two maxi dresses which worked out really cheap and they were lovely and fully lined too (which means less layering for me), a skirt and a Turkish style handbag which I am now currently using. The best thing was how much of a bargain I got them all for! πŸ™‚


With hands full and feet tired from all the walking we made our way back to the hotel to relax. After that we made our way back down the strip where we had promised a trip advisor we would book day trips from him. We has decided the day before how we would plan out each day which worked out really well for us and we booked 3 awesome trips…the tales of which shall start on day 3 πŸ™‚ keep tuned…. X


One thought on “Turkey tales: Day 2

  1. Wow, love your look in the white lace top!! Turkey and Australia are the two places I really want to visit :-). Looking forward to your next post!


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