Mosques in Turkey

I thought I would do a separate post just on mosques in Turkey.

Being a Muslim it was lovely being in a country where Islam was evident all over the place. As part of my university degree I studied Islamic architecture and was fascinated by how Islamic buildings were made, their purposely built ways and specific designs which held significant religious meanings behind them. Ever since then I have been in awe of such structures and would love to continue seeing them all over the world (including some of the most famous ones!).

Unfortunately I didn’t get I see the blue mosque in Istanbul as it would have meant a long, tiring and expensive journey and one which would have made a dent in our overall time in Turkey. (Previous experience in Egypt proved this when a day trip to Cairo was taken, although the pyramids were sooooo worth it!).

Anyway I digress. The wonderful thing about Turkey was that every time we travelled anywhere within a few miles of each other would be beautiful mosques. Although many of them were a little generic looking, some were stunning and I couldn’t help but end up taking pictures of them every time we passed. I say I took pictures but the driving is somewhat erratic in Turkey (i prayed many times when we were in the cars we took, so sure was i of ending up off the side of the mountain!) so I had to be quick and most times missed it. Some of the shots I did get ended up with something obstructing it or not a very clear one. Still I tried my best and think I captured a range of beautiful mosques we saw along the way. Admittedly it did give me a little quiet excitement every time I saw one knowing how important a role they play in our faith. One last thing (and very important) is that the call for prayer (Azaan/Adhaan) was heard five times a day wherever we were and I loved it! It made me want to pray that much more every time I heard it. Although we have Azaan/Adhaan clocks in the home in the Uk it’s so much nicer knowing your hearing it so clearly from the mosque not so far away from you. Personally this added a lovey touch to my time out there.

I hope that next time I travel to an Islamic country or indeed perhaps Turkey again in the future that I can sightsee the mosques as well as all the other stunning sights we came across on our trip.

Here’s the pics of the mosques I took whilst out in Turkey, a few of which were my favourite. X




this mosque was different compared to others, especially when we looked closer….


…..a herons best built on the done complete with herons in!



fake azda sign got in the way!









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