Turkey Tales: Day 3

On day 3 we woke up early (well early to me anyway) as the day before we has booked all our trips and today was….jeep safari! I knew we would be travelling around for the day in a jeep but wasn’t quite sure what to expect…

We got picked up by our tour guide for the day who called himself ‘Animal’, he told us to wait and see why he was named this throughout the day. We then left to a meet up point where the rest of the group met up. In total there were 4 jeeps and around 8 passengers to a car. Before we started our journey we were told that when we got to the villages children had made a tradition to throw buckets of water on passing tourists on these jeep safari tours. In retaliation we could have buckets of water in our cars which we could use to load water guns with and attack back. Although this was a selling point for them, the water guns only worked out around £3.50. It turned out this excited the group so much the waterfight broke out before we even left!! We were told we could ambush each others jeeps all day including when driving providing water was not thrown on the inside front windscreen! Luckily me and Amir were sitting beside the driver at the front so were shielded somewhat, the passengers shrieks and screams in the back throughout the day (who were open and vulnerable to water attacks) meant they remained pretty much soaked. Obviously the weather was awesome which meant as they dried up quickly.

We drove out for about an hour and saw some lovely rural sights on the way..

First stop was the ancient city of Tlos built into the side of the mountain, I love history and had studied Turkish history as part of my degree and was amazed at the sights. It was once inhabited by the Romans (who added an amphitheatre) the Byzantinium empire and eventually Ottoman Turks.
our tour guide Animal gives us the history behind Tlos

I would have loved to have gotten closer and look inside (we saw some tourists doing this) but I think that was seperate trip, plus we had a schedule to stick to! We left Tlos and made our way to a rest stop which was absolutely gorgeous! Local Turkish women made pancakes (sweet and savoury) which we could buy, a bar complete with running water bartop and fish and some lovely treehouse and sitting areas. I especially loved the waterfall and the mini waterfalls it led into…
the bar 🙂
behind the waterfall
what’s behind?
pancakes were yummy!

After we rested we got back in the jeeps and continued our journey…
…to a rug factory! We saw women on their machines making rugs and it was very very cool. Turkish women are very talented indeed. We were given information by the company manager as to how it worked and then were able to have a go at making a few knots in the rugs ourselves, it was very tricky!
We were then taken into one of 20 rug rooms and given some information about how it all worked and shown some beautiful handmade pieces. We were then free to roam around.

yummy apple tea

We then got back in the jeeps which meant more waterfights and continued on…

We arrived at a gorge where we ate our lunch before walking around I enjoy the views. Me and Amir paid to get into the other side of the gorge which was stunning, other opted for rafting down the gorge on the gentler side.
I changed into my swimming costume in case we got wet

Afterwards we made our way to the last stop of the day. We picked up those that had river rafted their way in the middle and after a short drive arrived at the mud bath area where the gorge/river ended. There is speculation as to how much a mud bath can make you look younger but me and Amir opted out for a few reasons. We didn’t feel like getting icky and muddy, we were tired and also most people were in their swimsuits and personably I don’t feel comfortable bathing with anyone let alone strangers. We watched on though and our guide Animal really let loose, he dived in, splashed about and generally acted like a raving mad man but managed to make everyone laugh as a result.

they went in clean


and come out muddy

By the time we left to go home we were all really tired from such a long day. We arrived home around 6pm where we showered and tumbled into bed for a nap exhausted before going out for dinner and a short walk. The day had been really great and we got so much done which was amazing. We still had two more adventures booked and the next day we had yet to get up early again so as sad as it was we did have an early night before the next day excitement started….X


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