Turkey Tales: Day 4

On day 4 we got up early (yet again, something I didn’t intend to do on holiday!) this time to go quad biking for a whole morning. Me and Amir had already been quad biking before on our honeymoon to Egypt but this time turned out to be quite a different experience.

We got picked up at 8am from our hotel and after some picking up other people and dropping off those who were intended for the jeep safari day we were left with us and another couple. We drove out to a quiet villagey type place and our driver parked up near a house/bar to relax and go through the rules and guide for the morning. We were told that we would get muddy and wet and although the whole idea was to have fun that we also needed to keep safe.

The last time I quad biked I absolutely loved it! We spent a day driving around in the desert and it was exhilarating being able to be in control of a open top vehicle. This time however we were going to have a much more scenic and interesting route than the one in Egypt. Once helmeted up we followed the leader bike and jeep car on our way! The great thing about quad biking is that usually they provide a photographer who takes snaps of you along the way which you can buy at the end which is what we ended up doing. This proved safer than taking pics yourself which I did in Egypt and nearly lost my phone and myself nearly falling off or crashing every time I did. Haha

Here’s the snaps we ended up with:




driving through some greenery

On our drive we saw some beautiful scenes including an orchard of orange trees and rows upon rows of cactus although we didn’t get to capture pics of these, some parts felt almost English countryside or exotic parts of Europe (Spain).



mud holes! Eek! I drove slowly through these to avoid getting dirty

We then drove through a low rubbing river which was awesome! The ice cold water splashing on our feet was heaven in the heat and just when we thought we’d got through it clean and dry our guide did this!


drenched! But actually refreshing


We arrived at a rest station overlooking a stream and some mountain scenery which was very peaceful. We chilled out and refreshed ourselves for a while…







Before we made our way back we saw a young boy fishing, cool talent so young!



By the time we got back guess what? Yep we were pooped but everyone was so glad to have done it. The girl with us had been quad biking for the first time and had totally loved it. I came home wanting to buy one for myself, I would so rock up to work in on of these! The only down side is that the accelerator is a push clip that needs to be pushed down by your thumb, this meant my poor right thumb was battered having held it down for so long all morning but so worth it! I think this was my favourite activity of the turkey trip, would love to do it again and again in more places and more crazy routes (I won’t mention the times I almost crashed into a tree, actually crashed into a a huge rock and almost fell backwards going up a steep hill….still worth it!) haha. X



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