Turkey Tales: Day 5

Day 5 was the last of our planned trips of the week and in a way one of the nicest. We had arranged to go on a boat trip to 6 islands and hopefully have a relaxed day. Boy was I wrong!

We arrived at the beach early to get on our boat which ultimately involved getting wet as we had to get on where the tide was coming in…

We got comfy on the boat whilst the rest of the passengers boarded, I’ve never been on a boat before (the Dover ferry does NOT count!) and it was strange but in a nice way. The sea was gorgeously bluey green and the sun shone brightly…

The first island we arrived at was called Butterfly Island where we had an hour to spend our time. We quickly got off and started our ascent up the mountain. It was beautiful but also hot, sticky as dangerous climbing up wet rocks and mini waterfalls, we both had our fair share of slips and practically held hands or safety reasons all the way. It was well worth it! We never reached the top as I got tired and it seemed too dangerous so we relaxed a while near a waterfall and made a slippery descent back…

We then got back on the boats where lunch was being cooked on deck (so cool) on our way to the next stop where we would have lunch on a tiny island mainly for relaxing on the mini beach and swimming afterwards.

Next onto a rocky island which was again mainly for swimming so me and Amir stayed aboard whilst we admired the gorgeous views.

Our next stop was St Nicholas’ island where there were ancient buildings still dotted about. Although there was a small fee to enter up the mountain to see them it was well worth it! Admittedly halfway up I was dying of exhaustion having climbed earlier on in the day and my legs felt wobbly, I was hot and sweaty and downright tired. We stopped halfway whilst I decided whether to carry on or go back. However with Amir to hold my hand we carried on up and the views were just breath taking! I’m so glad we decided to carry on to the top it was fantastic to see such natural beauty in all its glory.










Maybe I missed an island but or last stop was another small island where we relaxed and other tourists swam around while me and Amir gathered our tired bodies together for a rest… I did get off briefly for a few shots tho…couldn’t resist!



By the time we got back to the beach we started from we were ready for a long nap! We hobbled and stumbled and leaned on each other back to our hotel and after a quick shower had a long deserved sleep before getting ready for a night walk and dinner. All the trips were done with now which meant all that was left was relaxing and enjoying our last full day on holiday…


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