Turkey Tales: Day 6 & 7

We had already decided early on that on our last full day we would do something relaxing. We had already walked to the beach at the end of the strip almost every day and had a dip in the water but now we wanted a proper swim. Amir knew about another beach about 20 minutes walk from our usual beach which was actually connected called the Blue Lagoon. It was meant to be beautiful and so it was decided we would go.

We go our swim gear on and took some beach towels from our hotel. My swim war was one of the first things I sorted out for my trip, the reason being it needed to be halal. I already had swim leggings and a tankini top but felt too exposed so this time bought a quick drying dress that my lovely mother in law added sleeves to, this worked out soooooo much more comfortable and better for me.

We made our way to the lagoon and had to pay an entrance fee, alot of places do ask for these but they only work out to around £3 or so. We got in and already the views and the pathways were beautiful and so clean!



Once we got to a spot close to the beach (it was still early-ish) we hired out some sun beds for the day and relaxed alllllll day. I took a book, sunglasses and my sun hat with me and enjoyed reading in a beautiful place. I fabled in the water upto my legs for a bit then came out (water was cooooold!) I then got Amir to get in a while later and it was quite funny as we kept stopping every few steps to ‘adjust’ to the coldness of the water. Amir eventually took the plunge and went fully in to swim where I joined him later after a few shrieks. The water was lovely changing currents from warm to folks with beautiful white fish swimming between us.






We took sessions of swimming around and relaxing on the sunbeds and enjoying the atmosphere. The only annoying thing was the pebbles on the beach kept digging into our feet which was a bit uncomfortable. We ate lunch at a beach bar nearby and relaxed some more.


picking tiny seashells


By the time we left it was late but still bright so we took our time enjoying what was left of our last full day.

Our last day was spent packing up our suitcases again and walking around the strip (where I received a lovely off from one of the glass makers on his stall) taking a late (and very yummy) lunch, showering and then making our way back by coach to the airport.


I had bought a few items from the glass maker man during the week including the two tiny elephants (for me and my niece) which he told would bring me good luck, on our final day he gifted me the larger elephant which was a lovely gesture

Overall our time in Turkey had been eventful and lots of fun but I did miss home at times (yes I’m one of those!). However I would love to go again to explore more parts of the country ands the finally make a trip to the amazing Blue Mosque in Istanbul. For now though I’m happy I got to go and experience a lovely holiday! X


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