Two family birthdays

A few days ago was my sister in laws birthday and my little gorgeous cousins 1st birthday. The year has flown by so quickly as it wasn’t long ago when little cousin was only a teeny sized baby, how fast they grow!

Anyway I decided to help them
celebrate by baking them some chocolatey goodness in the form of cupcakes.

As they’re both girly girls I decided to go for pink and purple colours. I used the same colours for both of the batches but made one set of toppers more kiddy-ish and one more suited to stylish sis in law.









As the birthdays fell on a weekday we travelled to London after work to give our cakes and gifts. Sis in law was pleasantly surprised with her stuff 🙂 after a delicious dinner we made our way to our cousins house and spent the evening coo-ing over her and my niece who had come along and helping open and set up her presents. Darling cousin of mine was just beginning to travel on her own and it was the cutest thing! I call it a bum shuffle where she (very quickly) thrust her bum forward to move where she wanted, she certainly is quote a character. Of all the presents she received though I think the balloon made her giggle happily the most. My aunt made some more delicious snacks for us and we ended the evening eating good good and birthday cupcakes with smiles all around.






I hope these two lovely ladies have plenty more pleasant birthdays to come as this one was awesome. Happy birthday again! X


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