One of those days…

Today has just been one of those days! I woke up determined to have a good week and as usual in the life of a teacher some days things just don’t go to plan.

I got to work and just about the date on the board before realising how much I had to get done today. Before I knew it the kids were coming in and I hadn’t even prepared for the first lesson, yikes!

By the time the kids were settled I though ‘hey ok, things are on track’, oh how wrong was I? Just as I got the class settled a parent knocked on the door to ask me to help a hysterical child in… By the time I was pushed and shoved around by a little being, I gave up trying to get him in so was eventually dealt with with more senior staff. I turned to class only to see havoc. Great, more shouting and getting chaos back to order….

To make it worse a special sports day activity had been set up in the hall next to our room and with open windows, all we could hear was shouting and thumping of feet which meant me shouting over the noise, which meant noisier kids in the class which equals sore throat and headache before break 😦

By break time I was running around trying to organise a test for some children. My class was too noisy so last minute was changed to use a different room, I did manage to get through the test explanation in a stressed shrilly speedy voice (I talk faster wen nervous/scared/stressed) and got the kids on their way only to realise they wouldn’t have enough time to finish! This equals more work for me during the remainder of the week…

I had a rushed lunch marking books (bane of my life) and ended up spilling my Pepsi all over self. Books saved, dress sticky, great (!).

Kids came in after lunch, finally prepared for the afternoon when I get another knock on the door saying its our turn in the hall, can we change ibto P.E kits. luckily not many had kits in school so we got to the hall ok. To be honest the kids had a good time letting some energy out which was a nice part of the day.

By the time we got out they were still hyped up so took some time settling down. I finally got the kids on track but the noise levels from the hall were louder than the morning which meant the children in class were prone to acting up…which they did. Certainly got a sore throat then!

Luckily after assembly I thought yayyy! Home time! Then I can go home and tomorrow is a new day…but no, the devil was on a roll today. I had almost all the kids out when an angry parent came in for his child. she had already gone with anther parent which had arranged by mum to be collected. He then started shouting the odds at me about my responsibilities and role as a teacher and no she was only picked up by him (although this was the first time i had seen him! hmm) anyway by the time he realised it was an arrangement by his wife and another parent instead of apologising for being so damn rude he waved me off and walked away!!! Gaahhh!! Could’ve kicked him!

By the time I was alone in the class I sat down and wondered where such a bad day had come from. I was about to start some work and thought sod it, I’m going home to unwind and see if I can still make the most of the day. I came home, showered and prayed and felt soooo much better. I relieve prayer is a relief to the system, a chance to reflect and relax and that is exactly what i got from it today. I realised sometimes things are thrown at you but it’s the way you handle them that counts. I have always been told I am a calm patient person and I think that played a key role in me not going mad today. Although internally I was going insane and I did lose my temper in the afternoon I could have acted/behaved a lot worse with the consequences to show it.

I’m still feeling rather positive and much more relaxed despite the madness of today and hope tomorrow is one that is a little bit kinder to me…and if its not? Bring it on. 🙂 I’m spending the rest of today with my feet up and hiding in the comfort of a good book 🙂 X


me earlier today


me now..


2 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. Awww! I hope you had a much better day today.
    I’m also a teacher and I know what you mean. Days like that can really exhaust the most energetic of people. But I like the way you’re staying positive and yes, tomorrow is a new day,

    I enjoy reading your blog, it makes a fantastic read. Keep it up!


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