Feroza Online

Feroza: glamorous, smart, playful, elegant, fun – which you will you be today?

Feroza is the brainchild of four sisters: Umm Salihah, M, Jojo and Harlequin who are very different, but share a passion for beautiful and fun things. We realised that between us we encompassed a wide range of styles which would appeal to different women: glamorous, smart, playful, elegant, bohemian and fun.

The sisters behind Feroza are known as bargain hunters and so put their combined skills to use to source beautiful items at great prices. This meant that we could create an affordable offer for customers.

The website features:
• Lightweight scarves in generous sizes in plain, floral, paisley and animal print versions, perfect for summer.
• Beautiful and eye-catching rings including the signature large kundan ring which never fails to get noticed.
• Handmade one-off necklaces made using very sparkly glass crystals, real turquoise and semi-precious quartz beads.
• Beautiful limited-edition ear-rings
• Hijab-pins embellished with kundan style stones that seriously up the glamour factor.
• Essential accessories including make-up bags, gorgeous compact mirrors and hijab caps.
• Unique one-off handmade cards.
• Our ever-popular handmade glass crystal tasbeeh’s which regularly sell-out.

Feroza’s resident craftsperson Umm Salihah said: “People have been receiving my handmade jewellery for years as gifts and I love seeing friends and family wearing them, especially when they are still wearing them after many years. I believe these items will be a much-loved addition to women’s collections.”

Feroza came about after the sisters worked on a few projects together (read weddings!) and realised that not only did they have a lot of fun working together, but that they were very often asked where they got the outfit, scarf or piece of jewellery they were wearing from. People were also amazed at how little they often had to spend to create their look. So rather than just blush (aw shucks!) and tell people, they decided to share the products they love at great prices.

Feroza’s marketing and social media queen (and resident fashionista) Jojo said: “This collection represents the best of all of us: Umm Salihah’s glamour, M’s urban elegance, my love for all that is pretty and bohemian and Harlequins cool and youthful style.“

Feroza is available at http://feroza.myshopify.com/ and ships around the world.

You can like us at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/feroza.turquoise
Or follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/FerozaTurquoise
Or visit us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ummsalihah/feroza/

You can also find the four sisters at their blogs:
Umm Salihah: http://www.happymuslimah.com
M: http://everyphototunity.wordpress.com/
JoJo: https://jojojeenius.wordpress.com/
Harlequin: http://harlequinteaset.wordpress.com/ and http://kaprayshapray.blogspot.co.uk/

Additional Information:
1. The sisters are available for guest posts on blogs, product reviews and magazine features.
2. You can contact feroza on feroza.turquoise@gmail.com
3. Please let us know if you would like high-resolution pictures of the images in this press release.

(Apologies for the lack of pictures but there are some stunning pieces online so have a look!) X

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