An evening at Dunstable Downs

A few days ago after dinner I decided that instead of trundling up the stairs as usual to watch telly and laze about i wanted to do something different. So I asked Amir if he wanted to go for a walk. Initially I thought a walk across the road to where there is a park would be fine but he had another plan πŸ™‚

We drove out from home and ended up at a place called Dunstable Downs and it was beautiful. Amir had been once before and told me he wanted to bring wifey here one day (Sucha a cheese ball! Haha) and so here I was.

We walked around enjoying the last few rays of warm sunshine and took in the lovely view, it’s strange to think that only a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of city life was a peaceful and calm place like this. Apparently it is well known for kite flying (it’s up on a hill and nice and cool so ideal for kite days) and as well as being a nice place to all around and take in some nature it was also a good place for picnics and family trips out. Further down the hill is a glider area which some business use as days out, we didn’t see any fly but they looked very cool. An ice cream van parked in the car park is also a plus.



yep we posed!)



gliders down the hill which is a great activity.

they also have a visitors shop which works using wind systems

a map to Dunstable Downs, amir can read it with his eyes closed! πŸ˜‰


I thought this was very cool, a map in Braille which is also a 3D version of the area

After some walking about we ended the day with some childish play (yep we are big kids at heart!) and although it looks like we are jumping from post to post, in reality they were too far apart and we fell off just after the shot! We made it look believable though…



We drove back just as the last of the sun was disappearing, a nice way to spend a long day at work, will definitely be visiting there again soon. X


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