Once again that time of year has come around again…Ramadan!

Personally I love the feeling I get when our blessed holy month is approaching as for me it’s a time to reflect, to slow down and appreciate everything in my life. I have already been eagerly awaiting and anxious for the first fast to start.

Yes lots of us complain about the heat or how long the days are or spend the day wandering what feast awaits their Iftar (opening of fast). For me yes I do think about all of these and worry about them too (as that’s normal) but it’s not the sole purpose of fasting. When I think of the reasons we fast and the benefits we reap from it I am grateful to be so blessed and to feel so much love for my faith.

I hope to especially make time to think about and pray for those who have little or nothing and understand that we as Muslims do feel their hunger through fasting but we also have an obligation to send a part of our wealth to those that are less fortunate than us and give them a chance to survive and build better lives.

I also love Ramadan because we as a Muslims are united in this blessed month. I find people are more pleasant, there is more a feeling of family and community and we break fast together as brothers and sisters. I particularly love that we all manage to find amongst our busy schedules enough time for more prayer and worship. Obviously as Muslims we should pray everyday anyway but Ramadan seems to make everyone much more aware of this. We seem to stand side by side praying for ourselves, family, friends and other Muslims around the world. I believe that during this month our prayers are much more accepted than at any other time of the year and this has been proven to me many time in previous years before in personably experiences.

Its reassuring to know the fact that Ramadan helps us to be better as people in general as well as gives us a chance to strengthen our faith, to try to become better Muslims especially in an age where a tiny percentage of so called Muslims tarnish our name. Here are some of the things we should try as refrain from (which in my opinion we should do daily not just for a month!) as well as many of the benefits we reap during this special month.


Sure we will have to deal with broken sleep patterns, longer days, heat and tiredness but I pray for the strength to not make these more important than the reason we fast, I hope to pray and god willing spend more time reading and understanding the Qur’an, to make the most of my family and friends, and to learn how to make the best out of this holy month, especially because before we know it it will be ending and who knows whether tomorrow is guaranteed for us? Will we even be fortunate enough to see the next one? I pray for the health and happiness of all my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world and hope that you use your time during this holy month wisely. Make the most of it while it is here and I hope God blesses you for each and every fast you keep in His name. Have an amazing Ramadan full of love, peace, happiness and blessings.

Ramadan Mubarak all!! X20130708-163352.jpg20130708-163359.jpg20130708-163409.jpg

Ramadan Mubarak!


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