Wimbledon Win for Britain!

I’m not much of a sports fan but these last few days Amir and Saq have been engrossed in Wimbledon. I wasn’t too interested until the semi finals when I got hooked and asked a lot of (probably annoying) questions about how it all worked. By the time of the final we were all watching as I’m sure the nation was with our seats on edge and on tenterhooks in hope of a win.

Murray has had to deal with a lot of criticism and put down over the last few years which I feel is a bit unfair and no doubt dampening on his efforts but after his U.S championship win and wins at the London Olympics people seemed to have had much more faith in him.

He made his way through Wimbledon and today reached the finals. After a record long 77 years we finally…FINALLY have a British Wimbledon winner! He has done the nation proud and at the same time has become a part of sporting history.

I and I’m sure as do all of the country wish him the very best, congratulate him on such a wonderful game and to let him know how proud we all are. Hope he is spoilt rotten for all his efforts and makes the most of the rewards which come from making a country’s dream come true. Congratulations and well done again Andy Murray Woooooo! X



For more info check out the bbc website:


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