School’s out for summer!

Finally…School is out! After teaching in the heat for the last few weeks teachers everywhere have no doubt been counting down the days left before we can wind down, relax and enjoy some well deserved holidays.

This past week was spent getting the children to enjoy their last few days as a class and doing fun activities (basically whatever it takes to leave us alone for a while and requires minimum effort). I’ve been supplying long term at a local school and over the last term have enjoyed working with the class I had.

As I won’t be back in September myself and all those who were leaving were given a special assembly. I sat at the front (awkwardly yet smiley) and listened to the words of thanks and cheers. We even had songs sung about us, I was given my own verse! (And how these words ring true) 😉



Parents, staff and children all over the school handed out gifts and hugs as another academic year was over, some tears and some smiling with memories.

I too received a small stash of thanks (which I had not expected at all!) which was very sweet, especially the cute hand made cards by all those I had taught. Can’t wait to dig into those chocs!



Overall a nice last few weeks which made a good end to the year. I’ve supplied in lots of schools but it was definitely nice to have a stable local school for the last term. Doesn’t mean I’m still not ecstatic about not having to get up so early for the next few weeks though! I will for one certainly be enjoying my summer holidays, long lie ins, lazy days and general freedom! Have a good summer break teachers and teaching staff everywhere! X




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