Iftar with the family

Over the weekend we went over to Amirs cousins house in London (or as the boys call it ‘the ghetto’). We left late-ish and intended to get together late evening to open our fast.

When we got there the ladies got together to help prepare a feast. Mum in law made up her delicious samosas:


Aunty S fried all the samosas:


Cousins S made some delicious chocolate milkshake:



And I cut up the fruit (forgot to take a pic up close).

Me and cousin S set up the table with all the delightful starters.



Whilst all the ladies were hard at work, what were the boys upto?

goofing around with the telly new surround sound system

The boys even managed to stop us working to get us all to hear the new system which in fact was pretty cool.

We sat down to open our fast and break samosas together…the food was absolutely scrumptious! Luckily my in laws cooking is just as amazing as my mums and every day for Iftar there is something yummy to eat.

waiting to start…

…and go!

It was a really nice atmosphere of talking and joking and crazy as my in laws are it wasn’t long before a game was started…Chinese whispers! The amount of times the words were changed to gobbledygook caused roars of laughter..






After we had all calmed down we dug into some chocolate cake given to cousin F for his birthday during the week and my New York cheesecake! 🙂 I made two batches and bought one along for dessert, it was gobbled up pretty quickly.


yum yum!

We stayed till late talking, joking and telling stories until our full stomachs bought on sleepiness which was our cue to leave and get tucked up into bed. I dozed off half a dozen times on the way back but was worth it having spent a really nice evening in the company of my lovely family. X


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