A week at mums :) ❤

I’ve just spent the first week of the summer hols back at mums! Every once in a while Amir will drop me back to my old home where I try and spend time with the family, kids and catching up with friends.

I spent this week catching up with a few friends which was great, chilling with my sisters and eating lots of good home made mum food. I also spent a lot of my time with my gorgeous little niece! My brother and sis in laws gorgeous little bubba was so hard to put down and I loved cooing over her and seeing her do lots of funny baby stuff.

baby A is curious about the cat


I also managed to finish off my Eid shopping during the week which leaves me free to enjoy and make the most of the last few days left of Ramadan. Last night before I left to come back home my sister in law and bro had offered to make food for Iftar inviting my sisters kids and in laws as my husband and bro in law too. My older sister F’s little baby came over too and I spent most of the evening picking both of my nieces up in turn and hugging and kissing them before I went.

matching cousins 🙂 sooo cute

The food was made and served in my mums garden which is already blooming with her pretty flowers and trees. The grub was great and plentiful and the evening was spent chattering, laughing and having fun. Aside from it being overly warm I had a really nice evening. Here’s some of the awesome food my brother and sis in law made.


everyone chipped in to help prepare the food







everyone helping out in the garden

I’m back at home now having spent a nice and somewhat relaxing week at my mums, I shall hopefully be going back on Eid day at the end of the week to enjoy more family fun and madness, can’t wait! X


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