Scrumptious food and delicious desserts

My mum in law had invited her younger brothers family over for Iftar on the weekend. Preparations were made a day in advance for the amazing feast that we were to have. Mum in laws brothers family lived nearby and had young children which we hadn’t seen in a while.

Mum in law made her absolutely delicious Eid style food, on the day my mouth watered a gazillions times with all the lovely smells wafting around the house. We had lamb pilau, chicken curry, meatball curry and plenty of side dishes. For starters were samosas and chicken wings (shop bought for an easier option).

Whilst mum was busy cooking, me and Saq decided to do dessert! I opted to go for fresh cream cupcakes that I have not made before topped with strawberries, strawberry sauce and chocolates. Saq decided he would make his own cake for a change and opted for the classic Victoria sponge with sugar icing on top.

I must say he did very well on his own, all I did was grease the tins for him! I helped out a little with making the flowers but his hard work paid off, he created a beautiful looking and quite professional cake 😊

Here are the results of our hard work:

fresh cream cupcakes, I luuurve fresh cream!



Saq’s cake, pretty!

Once all the guests had arrived everyone chipped in to help set up tables, food, prepare last minute bits. Here’s some of the beautiful food we had.


scrumptious starters, after which everyone prayed the evening prayer together


everyone enjoying the main meal

my plate, yummy!

For desserts we had so much to choose from. Not only did me and saq make cakes, the guests also bought over a rich chocolate cake, Amirs other aunt also some home made apple pie. We hardly had space to eat them we were all so stuffed after the main course!


We enjoyed the rest of the evening chatting and myself playing girly games with the young girls that came over who are very lovely indeed until it was time for everyone to leave in the early hours of the morning.

I’d like to make a point at the end however of how thankful I felt that day. Not everyone has the means to enjoy such a rich amount of food on their tables which is what ramadan is all about, understanding the hunger of the needy and I felt very grateful indeed to have all that I have in my life, a loving family, food in abundance and a place to call home. I know I really am lucky to have all of them and wish the same for everyone. X


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