Eid celebrations

My Eid this year was awesome. I spent the first day with my in laws family and the second with my own family at my mums house. Both days were full of laughter, gifts, beautiful clothes, yummy desserts and delicious, rich food!

Here’s a few pics of the celebrations:

the boys took me to the main street the night before to get me henna done on ‘chaand raat’ an evening of Hena decorating, bangle selling and eating tasty late night snacks

dressed up for the day, I had on a long flowy dress but didn’t manage to get a full picture in the business of the day

enjoying a late night with the family

fun and games with newly received gifts


mums amaaaaaazing feast! Absolutely delicious!

my nephew showing off his ‘eidi’ money

me and my sisters jewellery and henna, everyone looked gorgeous



chocolates I ordered for the occasion

Me and Saq also made treats for eid to share, they went down a storm!


my Eid decorated shortbread biscuits


Saq’s yummy cupcakes

We all also received plenty of cool gifts as me and my sisters have always exchanged each year for Eid. We usually make a wish list of what we want but it was so short this year we bought pretty things for each other we thought each might like. I loved my gifts! Here’s a pic of some of what I received (I tidied the rest away before taking a pic!)

gifts ready to be handed out

pretty dresses and jewellery from my sisters and a new phone from Amir! ❤

I spent two days having a blast enjoying everyone’s company and making the most of family, making precious new memories with all those around me (including the new babies whose first Eid it was) especially my new family. Eid for me has always been special and this year round was no exception, as always Ramadan and Eid have come and gone so quickly but I look forward to the next one with just as much excitement as I received this years. How was your Eid and how did you spend it? X

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