My lovely babyshower!

Only a few weeks ago I had my babyshower at Amirs cousins house. We decided that where we lived just outside of London would make it a longer journey for all the guests to come to so had it locally to my mums instead. As well as this Amirs cousin F had only just got engaged a few weeks back so the marquee and decor was already half set up for us to use in the garden! We changed up the decor for the engagement day blue to my mint green theme and everything turned out beautifully!!

Everyone helped set up and make the day soooo much fun (much much better than I had imagined), sister N and M bought personalised gift bags for guests, sweets, and decor, Amir got the food sorted and helped me bake the day before (which is a hugely amusing story in itself as my husband has two left hands when it comes to baking) as well as organising the day, bro in law set up the marquee, sister in law A sorted out games and elder sis F made a beautiful banner (which will go in baby’s new room). Aunties, mums and mum in laws cooked delicious food and everything was perfect!

I won’t go on too much as the pics do it all justice, but I had a wonderful day and was amazed at the support and generosity of my friends and family, I receive some beautiful gifts for baby (and me!) and feel so blessed that my little one is already loved so much! (I have a feeling he or she is going to be MAJORLY spoilt!)

Here are the pics from the day:




(Hubby helping the day before with baking hehe)



(Sweet table set up my me and my sisters)







Decor and cake!



My mum to be banner and the yummy food, amir also ordered a huuuuuuge pizza (only to be described as American size!) and home made food.

We also played some cool games including guess the baby, where guests had sent in baby pictures of themselves for others to guess and making a nappy out of loo roll…my team lost! Was good fun all the same

I also received some beautiful gifts, I especially loved the effort my sis in law A went to to make this amazing nappy cake!











All in all it was a great day and everyone had a lot of fun, food and baby related goodness. I’m very lucky to have everyone help set up and take part in occasions like this and look forward to more days like these!

(Just a side note, if my pictures are not quite in order it’s because I am getting used to using blogging again!) also linked to this page is my sisters version of events which may be more coherent at the beginning of this post!) x

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