Happy 1st Anniversary!

Me and my husband started the celebrations of our one year anniversary yesterday which marked a year from when we signed our nikkah papers.

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by so quickly and as clichΓ©’d as it sounds it feels like only yesterday we were getting married and celebrating. The time has gone by so quickly full of so much love, happiness and fun. We had our massive amounts of ups and like most marriages some downs too.

I’m so thankful for my amazing husband and all that he is, I could never have imagined a year ago I would feel the way I do now. I look forward to many more years of being happily married cos for me…this is just the beginning!

We are going away this weekend for a romantic get away to the Lake District, can’t wait i am so excited! It’ll be the perfect chance to get some quality couple time together and make the most of our anniversary weekend (as that was the weekend we had the actual wedding day

For now though we started the mini celebrations by treating ourselves to some yummy dessert…


I look forward to spending the the rest of my life making the most of my marriage and all that’s in it, love my hubby to bits!

cool times

relaxing times

crazy times

annoying times



romantic times

Happy anniversary! Will be posting pics on our weekend away once we are back πŸ™‚ X



Rainbow cupcakes

This weekend was my sister in laws sisters mendhi celebration. Sis in law had asked me a few weeks ago if I would help out by making cupcakes in the theme colours for the day. I made about 100 and split the workload over two days which was great because it felt like a lot less work than it actually was. Here’s what I ended up with from beginning to end:










I used a range of toppers to create a simple but striking effect

The final looks..





We got to the venue a little late which meant I had an audience as me and my sisters helped set up (I felt very embarassed!) but when we finished I’m happy to say we did an amazing job, the pink table setting against the cupcake colours was awesome! We left a few on the main dessert table too. As well as this I left my newly made business cards on tables for guests to see and perhaps help me kick start a cupcake business πŸ™‚

What do you think?




very cool henna inspired biscuits made by my sis in law

I had a lovely evening and the bride to be looked gorgeous. The evening went by quickly with plenty of colour, music, fun and games.



I spent much of the evening with my adorable niece who looked the part in pretty pink.


My hard work paid off as I received plenty of compliments from sis in laws and her sisters which I was proud of. I look forward to the wedding now where I hope to eat some cake and take a break from making them πŸ˜‰ X

Eid celebrations

My Eid this year was awesome. I spent the first day with my in laws family and the second with my own family at my mums house. Both days were full of laughter, gifts, beautiful clothes, yummy desserts and delicious, rich food!

Here’s a few pics of the celebrations:

the boys took me to the main street the night before to get me henna done on ‘chaand raat’ an evening of Hena decorating, bangle selling and eating tasty late night snacks

dressed up for the day, I had on a long flowy dress but didn’t manage to get a full picture in the business of the day

enjoying a late night with the family

fun and games with newly received gifts


mums amaaaaaazing feast! Absolutely delicious!

my nephew showing off his ‘eidi’ money

me and my sisters jewellery and henna, everyone looked gorgeous



chocolates I ordered for the occasion

Me and Saq also made treats for eid to share, they went down a storm!


my Eid decorated shortbread biscuits


Saq’s yummy cupcakes

We all also received plenty of cool gifts as me and my sisters have always exchanged each year for Eid. We usually make a wish list of what we want but it was so short this year we bought pretty things for each other we thought each might like. I loved my gifts! Here’s a pic of some of what I received (I tidied the rest away before taking a pic!)

gifts ready to be handed out

pretty dresses and jewellery from my sisters and a new phone from Amir! ❀

I spent two days having a blast enjoying everyone’s company and making the most of family, making precious new memories with all those around me (including the new babies whose first Eid it was) especially my new family. Eid for me has always been special and this year round was no exception, as always Ramadan and Eid have come and gone so quickly but I look forward to the next one with just as much excitement as I received this years. How was your Eid and how did you spend it? X

Scrumptious food and delicious desserts

My mum in law had invited her younger brothers family over for Iftar on the weekend. Preparations were made a day in advance for the amazing feast that we were to have. Mum in laws brothers family lived nearby and had young children which we hadn’t seen in a while.

Mum in law made her absolutely delicious Eid style food, on the day my mouth watered a gazillions times with all the lovely smells wafting around the house. We had lamb pilau, chicken curry, meatball curry and plenty of side dishes. For starters were samosas and chicken wings (shop bought for an easier option).

Whilst mum was busy cooking, me and Saq decided to do dessert! I opted to go for fresh cream cupcakes that I have not made before topped with strawberries, strawberry sauce and chocolates. Saq decided he would make his own cake for a change and opted for the classic Victoria sponge with sugar icing on top.

I must say he did very well on his own, all I did was grease the tins for him! I helped out a little with making the flowers but his hard work paid off, he created a beautiful looking and quite professional cake 😊

Here are the results of our hard work:

fresh cream cupcakes, I luuurve fresh cream!



Saq’s cake, pretty!

Once all the guests had arrived everyone chipped in to help set up tables, food, prepare last minute bits. Here’s some of the beautiful food we had.


scrumptious starters, after which everyone prayed the evening prayer together


everyone enjoying the main meal

my plate, yummy!

For desserts we had so much to choose from. Not only did me and saq make cakes, the guests also bought over a rich chocolate cake, Amirs other aunt also some home made apple pie. We hardly had space to eat them we were all so stuffed after the main course!


We enjoyed the rest of the evening chatting and myself playing girly games with the young girls that came over who are very lovely indeed until it was time for everyone to leave in the early hours of the morning.

I’d like to make a point at the end however of how thankful I felt that day. Not everyone has the means to enjoy such a rich amount of food on their tables which is what ramadan is all about, understanding the hunger of the needy and I felt very grateful indeed to have all that I have in my life, a loving family, food in abundance and a place to call home. I know I really am lucky to have all of them and wish the same for everyone. X

A week at mums :) β€

I’ve just spent the first week of the summer hols back at mums! Every once in a while Amir will drop me back to my old home where I try and spend time with the family, kids and catching up with friends.

I spent this week catching up with a few friends which was great, chilling with my sisters and eating lots of good home made mum food. I also spent a lot of my time with my gorgeous little niece! My brother and sis in laws gorgeous little bubba was so hard to put down and I loved cooing over her and seeing her do lots of funny baby stuff.

baby A is curious about the cat


I also managed to finish off my Eid shopping during the week which leaves me free to enjoy and make the most of the last few days left of Ramadan. Last night before I left to come back home my sister in law and bro had offered to make food for Iftar inviting my sisters kids and in laws as my husband and bro in law too. My older sister F’s little baby came over too and I spent most of the evening picking both of my nieces up in turn and hugging and kissing them before I went.

matching cousins πŸ™‚ sooo cute

The food was made and served in my mums garden which is already blooming with her pretty flowers and trees. The grub was great and plentiful and the evening was spent chattering, laughing and having fun. Aside from it being overly warm I had a really nice evening. Here’s some of the awesome food my brother and sis in law made.


everyone chipped in to help prepare the food







everyone helping out in the garden

I’m back at home now having spent a nice and somewhat relaxing week at my mums, I shall hopefully be going back on Eid day at the end of the week to enjoy more family fun and madness, can’t wait! X

Iftar with the family

Over the weekend we went over to Amirs cousins house in London (or as the boys call it ‘the ghetto’). We left late-ish and intended to get together late evening to open our fast.

When we got there the ladies got together to help prepare a feast. Mum in law made up her delicious samosas:


Aunty S fried all the samosas:


Cousins S made some delicious chocolate milkshake:



And I cut up the fruit (forgot to take a pic up close).

Me and cousin S set up the table with all the delightful starters.



Whilst all the ladies were hard at work, what were the boys upto?

goofing around with the telly new surround sound system

The boys even managed to stop us working to get us all to hear the new system which in fact was pretty cool.

We sat down to open our fast and break samosas together…the food was absolutely scrumptious! Luckily my in laws cooking is just as amazing as my mums and every day for Iftar there is something yummy to eat.

waiting to start…

…and go!

It was a really nice atmosphere of talking and joking and crazy as my in laws are it wasn’t long before a game was started…Chinese whispers! The amount of times the words were changed to gobbledygook caused roars of laughter..






After we had all calmed down we dug into some chocolate cake given to cousin F for his birthday during the week and my New York cheesecake! πŸ™‚ I made two batches and bought one along for dessert, it was gobbled up pretty quickly.


yum yum!

We stayed till late talking, joking and telling stories until our full stomachs bought on sleepiness which was our cue to leave and get tucked up into bed. I dozed off half a dozen times on the way back but was worth it having spent a really nice evening in the company of my lovely family. X