My anniversary Registry ❤

Amir and I finally got round to getting our registry done last weekend! We never got round to it in the chaos of wedding prep last year so eventually decided to do it on our first year anniversary. Unfortunately the dates didn’t quite match up to last year and we ended up missing the closest date so settle for the 14th which was closest to the walima.

The day went lovely! We got up early (to the sound of rain..) and I spent an hour putting my face on…well mostly sticking on eyelashes which kept coming off! Got there in the end though. I then got changed and went to the hairdressers to get my hair done as I wanted to look nice and hairstyling is not really my strong point. By the time I left the hairdressers I was pretty much ready, on time and just had a few last minute touches to add! To add a sentimental touch I used a hair piece from my engagement, my bangles and bag from my wedding day and was so so so lucky to be given a beautiful brooch by my mother in law who had been given to her by her mother in law and it matched perfectly!




engagement hair piece

Once the family had all arrived we made our way to the registry office to get married…lawfully and officially! 🙂


we do!


my husband ever the poser

After the ceremony which was short and sweet we made our way outside for some pictures together and with the family



Thankfully the weather stayed ok enough during this time too. Once we’d posed for more pictures than amir wanted we made our way home to relax a while and to allow time for midday prayers before lunch. I took the time to enjoy the lovely gifts I received from family, jewellery, beautiful flowers and LOTS of chocolate!






me and gorgeous baby niece

more posing

Once everyone had had a few minutes to relax, chit chat and give me plenty of much deserved compliments (I know, I’m sooo modest! Haha) we made our way to the restaurant nearby where we had booked the upstairs area for our lunch.

While we waited a few speeches were made and amir was even encouraged to make one which was sweet. I refused on the other hand which Amir moaned about…hey! I wasn’t prepared and I don’t do ‘on the spot’ speeches thankyou! 😉



amir making a speech

The food arrived slowly at first but soon our tables were filled, the food was yummy! Almost everyone commented on how good it all tasted which was great. And for dessert? What else…..cake!!!!




guess who got first bite…?mmmmm!

Once we had all eaten some of our family had to set off home and the rest came home with us to spend the evening laughing and celebrating our anniversary, marriage and mum in laws and cousin S’ birthday as well with more gifts and more cake! (I must’ve eaten about 3 slices that day!)

Mostly though, I was just happy I got to marry the man I luuuurve all over again and be reminded of how lucky I am and how happy he makes me, hope our marriage lasts forever and always. X



A sunny Saturday with the family

We had some family come over on this sunny weekend so we made the most of it. A feast was made by mum in law and dessert by me, it was nice seeing family we hadn’t seen in ages as we spent the day talking and having a good time.

Here’s a pic of the feast we had, to be honest though I was so busy scoffing so these are after eating pics but it was a lot more than this!


For dessert we had fresh cream Victoria sponge cake with strawberries, perfect for a summer day and apt for the Wimbledon season 🙂


all got eaten up quickly!

After dinner we relaxed abit and the parents got watching my and Amirs wedding video (which some of the family hasn’t seen yet). As lovely as it was seeing it for the 34th time me as amir decided to take the boys to the park for some fun and games. There is a park across the road so we walked across to play…





we played some basketball..

I sat out and let the boys play properly, my shadow 🙂

We then decided to play on some of the equipment, I didn’t take any pics but there is a cool glider which was lots of fun swinging from one end off a platform to reach the other end. We then got to the funky swing…


Then the boys got on…



…gone! Cousin A fell right off! Haha

monkeying around

After mucking about we headed back home for cool drinks, ice lollies and some chilling out in the garden..


Baby A’s Aqeeqah party

My brother and sister in law had invited the family to my gorgeous little nieces Aqeeqah party this weekend. (Aqeeqah involves sacrificing a goat or lamb on behalf of the child. It is giving thanks to Allah for the gift of a child. The meat is distributed to the poor, or it can be used to arrange a feast to which the poor as well as relatives and friends are invited). She had already told me a few weeks in advance that she wanted me to make some simple cupcakes as part of the dessert.

As I had practised cupcakes a bit already I decided simple would not do, I wanted to try my best to make them as nice as possible. Soooo I ordered some beautiful baby girl toppers, edible roses, cake boxes and cupcake cases. I also decided to make cake pops at the last minute as after my first attempt my sister in law liked the idea and asked for these too.

I stated on the cake pops on thurs to save me working the whole day baking on the Friday. Fortunately the turned out round like cake pops are supposed to! I coated half in white chocolate and then dyed the rest pink and coated half in pink chocolate



I won’t go into too much detail but after some frustrations, mess and hours later I produced these as the end result 🙂



These I packed away in an airtight container to save till Saturday. The next day was when the work really started….
I started on the cupcakes late morning with the help of my trusty sidekick Saq. We had 48 cupcakes to make so whilst I baked the cupcakes, Saq offered to make the icing and colour them baby pink and hot pink to do with the days theme.


(if you look closely Saq has his tongue out in concentration, cute!)


Once the cupcakes had cooled we stated on the icing! I iced in roses and swirls to keep the simplicity style and Saq mixed the two colours together in a piping bag for me to get the two tone effect on some roses.



I then made some flowers using different flower shaped cutters in hot pink icing topped with edible pearls. I also cut out baby’s name to top some cupcakes in too. The rest I topped using the baby toppers I had ordered. They looked soooo pretty once finished.

For the last batch I rolled out icing and cut using a circle cutter. I used texture mats for the background effects and had a baby face and feet mould. I used skin coloured icing in the mould and popped out cute edible feet and faces. I used icing pens to add detail, these were my favourite of all and took the longest to do 🙂 phew…!










It took me almost 4 hours to complete these (yeh I know, wouldn’t think it’s take that long right??) and I was pooped by the end of it. On the day of the Aqeeqah I woke up feeling pretty rubbish so rested most of the morning and afternoon in bed popping pills. I finally felt a little better and got ready to go. It was nice dressing up after ages as its funny how making yourself up can make you feel good too.

We picked up my brother, sis in law and baby A and took them to the restaurant where a private room had been hired. Soon after sis in laws family, my family and my brothers friends arrived. Whilst they were coming in me and my sister in law set up the dessert table ok one side of the room. By the time we were finished it look sooooo amazing! My sis in law had not seen any of the cupcakes up until this point as I wanted to surprise her and she definitely was! She showed her appreciation by giving me a biiiiiig hug. (Some photos taken by lil sis N).








Everyone commented on how pretty the table looked as they came in but for me not as pretty as the star of the show. Baby A looked gorgeous in a mint dress and was showed off to everyone. All the guests looked pretty and colourful and the children ran around making lots of noise and having fun. Although they weren’t allowed the cupcakes until later the children did mostly take the pink chocolate coins I had brought to scatter on the table 🙂

The babies of the family were spoilt with his and kisses and passed around for all to coo over. Overall the party was a success with plenty of good food and fun. I wish I could have enjoyed it more without having felt as ill as I did. Once the new parents and baby had cut the big cake dessert was on! The cake pops disappeared into little mouths and the cupcakes were dished out, I was really glad to hear people saying how nice they were which made all the hard work worth it.

Once the guests had gone we packed what was left to take home. I spent a little while at my mums before heading home. Unfortunately as much as I tried to deny I felt sick by the time I got home I’m sure I looked like a zombie. I literally crawled into bed in hot tears and dragon breath as a fever descended as my lovely husband looked after me. All I know was a hot water bottle appeared on my icy feet and some medicine was poured down my neck to soothe my throat and banging head. I didn’t get much of a sleep but having been looked after so well by Amir I know feel heaps better. I hope it stays like this now cos I hate feeling sickly I don’t handle it well at all. I plan to spend the rest of the day in bed as I have work tomorrow and have no intention of being poorly.

I hope baby A and her mum and dad had a good time like the rest of us, this is the start of many more happy times to come 🙂 x

Lazy Rainy Sunday

Am having a super sleepy lazy lie in Sunday today :). Woke up late to find Amir looking worse for wear (that’s what happens when you walk around in the rain dear…). We got up to have some breakfast only to find there was no bread…so after some persuasion (lazy so and so!) Saq and I went to Tesco’s in the pouring rain (along with a list of other stuff mum in law wanted….funny how mums always need bread and you end up coming home with an almost full shop 😉 .

Came home to a brunch which was absolutely delicious! My mum in law makes some of the yummiest food ever and today was no exception. I had a paratha (buttered chapati) with scrambled chilli egg and tea and orange juice…Mmmm!


I then got Amir to take some medicine, Saq lovingly slapped on a cool press onto his forehead and I tucked him back into bed to rest. I sincerely hope I don’t catch any lergies from him tonight (no offence dearest) but it seems like everyone’s catching something and it doesn’t look pleasant (snotty noses are NOT attractive and neither is a rattling non stop gargoyle cough).


I’ve only just returned from a 3 day sleepover at my mums who also wasn’t well for the past few days but glad to have left her in a better state then when I arrived on Wednesday. I personally like to think my head massages are quite good even though I’ve only ever done a couple of family members before they always seem better afterwards (maybe I have magic fingers..ooh….?).

Anyway after lazing some more in bed listening to the rain outside and watching rubbish weekend telly I started on the cake Saq had asked me to make for a party. He had already told me what he wanted so it luckily didn’t take too long. I made a chocolate finger cake topped with smarties. As an added touch I threw on some chocolate stars to make it look prettier.








He’s not back yet so hopefully he’ll like what he see’s when he’s back. I’m back in bed feeling relaxed and cosy with some unhealthy snacks, a snoring husband and watching Sabrina the teenage witch….I so wish I could do some magic, how useful would that be? Gona enjoy my lazy Sunday while I can because as I’m sure you all know the dreaded Monday workday is upon is with its iron jaws before we’re ready.

What have you been doing with your weekend? Hope it’s been a good one. X

Mendhi cake

I was going to stay at my mums this weekend so I wanted to make the family something nice as a gift. My sisters are always reading my blog and commenting on my bakery so I decided to go for a cake.

I made the Victoria sponge cake (recipe on a previous post) which came out slightly more raised on one end but actually worked out ok, filled with buttercream and jam and then got busy with the icing.

This was the first time I’ve tried ready to roll icing and as easy as it seems to use, rolling icing out and trying to pick it up without tearing is difficult! I had 3 or 4 attempts before I managed one I was happy with and put it on the cake. To keep it from slipping off the cake I melted jam and brushed over the cake as a kind of glue. I cut the excess icing off and found one side had a gap…how frustrating! So I cut another piece and covered it (I have no pictures of the cake before the icing I was busy making a mess). I also squished the edges of the icing that was tearing on one side and yes I also had a few slight bumps on top of the cake too…Hmph.




I was a little fed up of it at this point as I’d started off quite eagerly at how well it could potentially turn out. However I decided to make good of a bad cake and asked Amir to get me some ribbon whilst I decorated the cake with hot pink icing. I decided to go for a mendhi style as it looked pretty 🙂



I thought about adding some flower wafers but it didn’t quite work…


Amir cake back with the ribbon and I added it on. This not only covered my mishaps but also made it look pretty! Yay! He also came back with a box to make it look even better and works well of your giving a gift without expecting the tray/box/tub you give it in.

I was VERY pleased with the outcome.







Obviously this was my first attempt at making a ‘proper’ cake that can be given to someone, and some of you may be thinking ‘it’s ok…but I’ve seen better’ and I understand BUT when you actually have a go at making something with big results and expectations and encounter difficulties on the way? Believe me I’m sure you’d be impressed with yourself too. Haha. I have a long way to go yet if I want to improve but this baking lark is something of a hobby for me to put a smile on my family’s face rather than a profession. Maybe I’ll improve and work out the issues I had this time but I know now sometimes things aren’t as easy as they look. Perhaps anther attempt for a future birthday?

My mum and family were quite happy with the cake (along with the cheesecake I made for them) do hoping it tastes just as good! I’m off for a slice now…! X

Family time and icing cakes

My older sister F invited my sisters and I, my cousins and my husband Amir and bro in law Saq to her house this Friday. We decided to order food in and have a nice family night in as it had been a while since we’d all spent time together.

We decided to take the children some gifts and new Baby fats (nickname for my new neice) some mittens and a hat for winter. The boys were given transformers, my older neice a Belle doll and baby fats also got a cuddly monkey soft toy along with a pretty dress. We also got a cuddly sheep for my new cousin baby M who was also coming around.

Before we went I decided to make a cake for everyone and made the Victoria sponge recipe (in a previous post) but this time wanted to add some buttercream icing on top. I went for a pink and green design (for the two gorgeous little baby girls) annnnnd for a first effort it was ok but I reckon I have some way to go before I can call myself an expert. The icing was slightly too runny so the design of the icing melted slightly. We all had a piece and it tasted quite nice if not a little rich (but that’s also because I’m not a big fan of icing myself, my sisters enjoyed it though).

The evening went well with lots of laughs and good food, we all gorged on junk food and fizzy drinks and talked until the late hours. It felt nice to spend time with the family and made me feel grateful to be a part of a family that has so much love and happiness.