Scrumptious food and delicious desserts

My mum in law had invited her younger brothers family over for Iftar on the weekend. Preparations were made a day in advance for the amazing feast that we were to have. Mum in laws brothers family lived nearby and had young children which we hadn’t seen in a while.

Mum in law made her absolutely delicious Eid style food, on the day my mouth watered a gazillions times with all the lovely smells wafting around the house. We had lamb pilau, chicken curry, meatball curry and plenty of side dishes. For starters were samosas and chicken wings (shop bought for an easier option).

Whilst mum was busy cooking, me and Saq decided to do dessert! I opted to go for fresh cream cupcakes that I have not made before topped with strawberries, strawberry sauce and chocolates. Saq decided he would make his own cake for a change and opted for the classic Victoria sponge with sugar icing on top.

I must say he did very well on his own, all I did was grease the tins for him! I helped out a little with making the flowers but his hard work paid off, he created a beautiful looking and quite professional cake 😊

Here are the results of our hard work:

fresh cream cupcakes, I luuurve fresh cream!



Saq’s cake, pretty!

Once all the guests had arrived everyone chipped in to help set up tables, food, prepare last minute bits. Here’s some of the beautiful food we had.


scrumptious starters, after which everyone prayed the evening prayer together


everyone enjoying the main meal

my plate, yummy!

For desserts we had so much to choose from. Not only did me and saq make cakes, the guests also bought over a rich chocolate cake, Amirs other aunt also some home made apple pie. We hardly had space to eat them we were all so stuffed after the main course!


We enjoyed the rest of the evening chatting and myself playing girly games with the young girls that came over who are very lovely indeed until it was time for everyone to leave in the early hours of the morning.

I’d like to make a point at the end however of how thankful I felt that day. Not everyone has the means to enjoy such a rich amount of food on their tables which is what ramadan is all about, understanding the hunger of the needy and I felt very grateful indeed to have all that I have in my life, a loving family, food in abundance and a place to call home. I know I really am lucky to have all of them and wish the same for everyone. X


A week at mums :) ❤

I’ve just spent the first week of the summer hols back at mums! Every once in a while Amir will drop me back to my old home where I try and spend time with the family, kids and catching up with friends.

I spent this week catching up with a few friends which was great, chilling with my sisters and eating lots of good home made mum food. I also spent a lot of my time with my gorgeous little niece! My brother and sis in laws gorgeous little bubba was so hard to put down and I loved cooing over her and seeing her do lots of funny baby stuff.

baby A is curious about the cat


I also managed to finish off my Eid shopping during the week which leaves me free to enjoy and make the most of the last few days left of Ramadan. Last night before I left to come back home my sister in law and bro had offered to make food for Iftar inviting my sisters kids and in laws as my husband and bro in law too. My older sister F’s little baby came over too and I spent most of the evening picking both of my nieces up in turn and hugging and kissing them before I went.

matching cousins 🙂 sooo cute

The food was made and served in my mums garden which is already blooming with her pretty flowers and trees. The grub was great and plentiful and the evening was spent chattering, laughing and having fun. Aside from it being overly warm I had a really nice evening. Here’s some of the awesome food my brother and sis in law made.


everyone chipped in to help prepare the food







everyone helping out in the garden

I’m back at home now having spent a nice and somewhat relaxing week at my mums, I shall hopefully be going back on Eid day at the end of the week to enjoy more family fun and madness, can’t wait! X

Iftar with the family

Over the weekend we went over to Amirs cousins house in London (or as the boys call it ‘the ghetto’). We left late-ish and intended to get together late evening to open our fast.

When we got there the ladies got together to help prepare a feast. Mum in law made up her delicious samosas:


Aunty S fried all the samosas:


Cousins S made some delicious chocolate milkshake:



And I cut up the fruit (forgot to take a pic up close).

Me and cousin S set up the table with all the delightful starters.



Whilst all the ladies were hard at work, what were the boys upto?

goofing around with the telly new surround sound system

The boys even managed to stop us working to get us all to hear the new system which in fact was pretty cool.

We sat down to open our fast and break samosas together…the food was absolutely scrumptious! Luckily my in laws cooking is just as amazing as my mums and every day for Iftar there is something yummy to eat.

waiting to start…

…and go!

It was a really nice atmosphere of talking and joking and crazy as my in laws are it wasn’t long before a game was started…Chinese whispers! The amount of times the words were changed to gobbledygook caused roars of laughter..






After we had all calmed down we dug into some chocolate cake given to cousin F for his birthday during the week and my New York cheesecake! 🙂 I made two batches and bought one along for dessert, it was gobbled up pretty quickly.


yum yum!

We stayed till late talking, joking and telling stories until our full stomachs bought on sleepiness which was our cue to leave and get tucked up into bed. I dozed off half a dozen times on the way back but was worth it having spent a really nice evening in the company of my lovely family. X


Once again that time of year has come around again…Ramadan!

Personally I love the feeling I get when our blessed holy month is approaching as for me it’s a time to reflect, to slow down and appreciate everything in my life. I have already been eagerly awaiting and anxious for the first fast to start.

Yes lots of us complain about the heat or how long the days are or spend the day wandering what feast awaits their Iftar (opening of fast). For me yes I do think about all of these and worry about them too (as that’s normal) but it’s not the sole purpose of fasting. When I think of the reasons we fast and the benefits we reap from it I am grateful to be so blessed and to feel so much love for my faith.

I hope to especially make time to think about and pray for those who have little or nothing and understand that we as Muslims do feel their hunger through fasting but we also have an obligation to send a part of our wealth to those that are less fortunate than us and give them a chance to survive and build better lives.

I also love Ramadan because we as a Muslims are united in this blessed month. I find people are more pleasant, there is more a feeling of family and community and we break fast together as brothers and sisters. I particularly love that we all manage to find amongst our busy schedules enough time for more prayer and worship. Obviously as Muslims we should pray everyday anyway but Ramadan seems to make everyone much more aware of this. We seem to stand side by side praying for ourselves, family, friends and other Muslims around the world. I believe that during this month our prayers are much more accepted than at any other time of the year and this has been proven to me many time in previous years before in personably experiences.

Its reassuring to know the fact that Ramadan helps us to be better as people in general as well as gives us a chance to strengthen our faith, to try to become better Muslims especially in an age where a tiny percentage of so called Muslims tarnish our name. Here are some of the things we should try as refrain from (which in my opinion we should do daily not just for a month!) as well as many of the benefits we reap during this special month.


Sure we will have to deal with broken sleep patterns, longer days, heat and tiredness but I pray for the strength to not make these more important than the reason we fast, I hope to pray and god willing spend more time reading and understanding the Qur’an, to make the most of my family and friends, and to learn how to make the best out of this holy month, especially because before we know it it will be ending and who knows whether tomorrow is guaranteed for us? Will we even be fortunate enough to see the next one? I pray for the health and happiness of all my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world and hope that you use your time during this holy month wisely. Make the most of it while it is here and I hope God blesses you for each and every fast you keep in His name. Have an amazing Ramadan full of love, peace, happiness and blessings.

Ramadan Mubarak all!! X20130708-163352.jpg20130708-163359.jpg20130708-163409.jpg

Ramadan Mubarak!

A sunny Saturday with the family

We had some family come over on this sunny weekend so we made the most of it. A feast was made by mum in law and dessert by me, it was nice seeing family we hadn’t seen in ages as we spent the day talking and having a good time.

Here’s a pic of the feast we had, to be honest though I was so busy scoffing so these are after eating pics but it was a lot more than this!


For dessert we had fresh cream Victoria sponge cake with strawberries, perfect for a summer day and apt for the Wimbledon season 🙂


all got eaten up quickly!

After dinner we relaxed abit and the parents got watching my and Amirs wedding video (which some of the family hasn’t seen yet). As lovely as it was seeing it for the 34th time me as amir decided to take the boys to the park for some fun and games. There is a park across the road so we walked across to play…





we played some basketball..

I sat out and let the boys play properly, my shadow 🙂

We then decided to play on some of the equipment, I didn’t take any pics but there is a cool glider which was lots of fun swinging from one end off a platform to reach the other end. We then got to the funky swing…


Then the boys got on…



…gone! Cousin A fell right off! Haha

monkeying around

After mucking about we headed back home for cool drinks, ice lollies and some chilling out in the garden..


Family Dinner

This weekend we were invited to my big sister F’s house for dinner. It was actually a very belated dinner for me and Amirs family to celebrate our marriage. Usually after a couple get married families and friends invite them round for dinner to celebrate their new start together. It’s been 10months since we got hitched but hey better late than never. We all dressed up to the occasion (forgot to take a pic!) and ate some amazing yummy food.



There was plenty to eat including rice, chicken dishes, kebabs, lamb dishes, chickpea salad, pasta salad and lots of sides. It was nice seeing everyone together mingling and enjoying each others company. My lil nephew also had a good time guzzling down fizzy cola (tut tut!) I had given him a few sips of mine only to see him pour out some more! Cheeky monkey…


We enjoyed a lovely evening talking till late until it was time to head home, my sis also gave me and Amir some gifts.

A picnic in the park :)

It was the last day of the Easter holidays yesterday and as the weather was predicted to be beautifully sunny pretty much everyone had plans!

My eldest sis F invited us for a picnic in the park near my mums house and a chance to let the kids get some fresh air as play time. My family and I made our way to London mid afternoon where we chilled out a while at his aunts. We then made our way to the park. Being in the car made it difficult to find parking and it seemed eeeeveryone was out trying to catch a few rays! We managed to find parking and walked through the park enjoying the scenery and happy business of the people around.

We met up with my sisters and the babies before and tried finding my mum and the kids who had gotten there earlier to play on the swings and slides. We gave up sending sister M to continue the search while we set up the picnic under a nice bank beside a now unused man made stream. Sister F provided everyone with yummy food including home made kebabs for burgers, chicken strips, pasta, delicious fresh fruit (strawberries, mangoes and melon), salad, drinks and desserts.

Mum and the kids finally made it and we all took pics of the babies (who are growing ever more gorgeous by the day), ate noisily and ran around. Take a look a some of the snaps:

boys with their cute sunhats

the big boys coo over my darling niece

no idea why I am doing this..

big sis and her yummy food



we even saw a squirrel which my nephew threw a strawberry at, squirrel promptly grabbed it and ran up the tree

Saq took loads of pics with his new camera until it was grabbed off him by a more professional photographer…


We didn’t stay long and left my sisters, mum and the kids to enjoy the rest of the picnic as we headed to Amirs uncles house for dinner. We caught up with his cousins who had just been to Ummrah in Saudi Arabia. We laughed, joked and ate some more delicious home cooked curries and barbecued kebabs till late evening. I also got a lovely gift from Amirs aunt and thought it was so nice of her to think of me whilst she was there..


By the time we got home I was pooped. And the worst thing was…work the next day! I have become so lazy during the holidays I was in nervous mode about the next day. Oh well… It’s Monday for everyone I guess. X