My anniversary Registry ❤

Amir and I finally got round to getting our registry done last weekend! We never got round to it in the chaos of wedding prep last year so eventually decided to do it on our first year anniversary. Unfortunately the dates didn’t quite match up to last year and we ended up missing the closest date so settle for the 14th which was closest to the walima.

The day went lovely! We got up early (to the sound of rain..) and I spent an hour putting my face on…well mostly sticking on eyelashes which kept coming off! Got there in the end though. I then got changed and went to the hairdressers to get my hair done as I wanted to look nice and hairstyling is not really my strong point. By the time I left the hairdressers I was pretty much ready, on time and just had a few last minute touches to add! To add a sentimental touch I used a hair piece from my engagement, my bangles and bag from my wedding day and was so so so lucky to be given a beautiful brooch by my mother in law who had been given to her by her mother in law and it matched perfectly!




engagement hair piece

Once the family had all arrived we made our way to the registry office to get married…lawfully and officially! 🙂


we do!


my husband ever the poser

After the ceremony which was short and sweet we made our way outside for some pictures together and with the family



Thankfully the weather stayed ok enough during this time too. Once we’d posed for more pictures than amir wanted we made our way home to relax a while and to allow time for midday prayers before lunch. I took the time to enjoy the lovely gifts I received from family, jewellery, beautiful flowers and LOTS of chocolate!






me and gorgeous baby niece

more posing

Once everyone had had a few minutes to relax, chit chat and give me plenty of much deserved compliments (I know, I’m sooo modest! Haha) we made our way to the restaurant nearby where we had booked the upstairs area for our lunch.

While we waited a few speeches were made and amir was even encouraged to make one which was sweet. I refused on the other hand which Amir moaned about…hey! I wasn’t prepared and I don’t do ‘on the spot’ speeches thankyou! 😉



amir making a speech

The food arrived slowly at first but soon our tables were filled, the food was yummy! Almost everyone commented on how good it all tasted which was great. And for dessert? What else…..cake!!!!




guess who got first bite…?mmmmm!

Once we had all eaten some of our family had to set off home and the rest came home with us to spend the evening laughing and celebrating our anniversary, marriage and mum in laws and cousin S’ birthday as well with more gifts and more cake! (I must’ve eaten about 3 slices that day!)

Mostly though, I was just happy I got to marry the man I luuuurve all over again and be reminded of how lucky I am and how happy he makes me, hope our marriage lasts forever and always. X



Happy 1st Anniversary!

Me and my husband started the celebrations of our one year anniversary yesterday which marked a year from when we signed our nikkah papers.

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by so quickly and as cliché’d as it sounds it feels like only yesterday we were getting married and celebrating. The time has gone by so quickly full of so much love, happiness and fun. We had our massive amounts of ups and like most marriages some downs too.

I’m so thankful for my amazing husband and all that he is, I could never have imagined a year ago I would feel the way I do now. I look forward to many more years of being happily married cos for me…this is just the beginning!

We are going away this weekend for a romantic get away to the Lake District, can’t wait i am so excited! It’ll be the perfect chance to get some quality couple time together and make the most of our anniversary weekend (as that was the weekend we had the actual wedding day

For now though we started the mini celebrations by treating ourselves to some yummy dessert…


I look forward to spending the the rest of my life making the most of my marriage and all that’s in it, love my hubby to bits!

cool times

relaxing times

crazy times

annoying times



romantic times

Happy anniversary! Will be posting pics on our weekend away once we are back 🙂 X